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House Painting: What does it COST?!

by Paint Masters on 09/08/14

What is it going to cost to paint YOUR house?

Let's face it, it's the first question you, the home owner in the market for a paint job, want the answer to. Of course there are many variables and considerations to investigate in order to properly answer this question. The prices that are thrown at you from various house painters, will not truly depict what it is going to COST you. Price and cost are very different things in the world of exterior and interior house painting.

It will help you to have a list of questions to ask the painting contractors that you will call for estimates. You might actually begin by asking yourself: what is my main objective for painting the house? Really think about that, and give it some thought. Are you moving out and trying to sell your home? Just moving into your home? How much longer do you plan to live in the house?  These questions will help you later as you work through the diverse quotes and the task of actually hiring a painting contractor that is a good fit for you. 

In an attempt to find a reputable paint company you often will weed through the questionable contractors. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is a great source and good place to start. Every painter that comes to your door may not have a contractor’s license issued by the CSLB. What does that mean you may ask? To be honest, it means that they are not really a contractor. It means that he does not have a $12,500 bond to guarantee you, the homeowner, should he perform poorly. It means that if you give him money and he walks away from your project you may have no recourse to get it back. 

There are various types of San Diego House Painting contractors that are in business. Might it be important to know some sort of mission statement or company motto, what quality standards they have and what their motivations are?  We think so, and most homeowners should consider this a very important step in the process. 

Okay, so you may be saying "I want to know NUMBERS!"  Well okay, let's talk about expenses associated with painting cost. We just mentioned contractors that don't have a bond (to protect you) because they are not licensed. They don't spend their money on that, but they are risking your money instead! Another expense that affects the painting estimate is general liability insurance. Did you know that it's not mandatory for painting contractors to purchase general liability insurance? If you hire a painter to re-stain the front door, for instance, and he leaves his stain rag out and it somehow ignites (highly flammable) creating a house fire, that contractor does not have to claim any responsibility for the damage. You and your homeowners insurance take the hit. 

These will be the "companies" that most likely will not offer you proof of workers compensation or general liability insurance when they arrive for a free estimate. Why? Simply, because they don't pay for them. This is one of those very important variables I mentioned earlier that you need to investigate before comparing "honest" estimates. Can you actually conclude that two home painting estimates with the same price are actually "same" if one contractor is licensed and insured, when the other one is not? They are essentially NOT the same price, because you are risking your own money with the unlicensed, uninsured guys.

Let me give you an example. If your friend recommended a local farmers market for giant Fuji apples, and she said "Fuji’s are only 12 cents a pound!" How enticing would that sound?! You'd most likely make the trip to see this great deal. Hopefully you would inspect the apples, comparing them with other Fuji apples that you have enjoyed in the past. You'd most likely realize that these "Special priced apples" are nowhere near the quality you have enjoyed before or what you would even entertain. You most definitely would decline this "special offer" quite easily. The low price alone wouldn't force you to buy something that you would not be happy with.

The real lesson is that you, the consumer, must do your homework and learn how to compare an apple with an "equal" apple. Remember painting estimates come in various shapes and sizes as well. Once you determine that all three painting contractors are licensed, bonded and insured, for your protection, and have good referrals online, then approach each one and "inspect" them, comparing them with each other.  You can use questions like: "How many coats will you apply?" "What type of paint do you use and why?" 'When you're done with the painting process what happens then?"  

Be careful not to put words in the contractor's mouth, you're fishing for information that will help you make an informed decision. For example, if the company C representative does not specifically mention cleaning after painting then you most likely shouldn't expect them to clean, vacuum, dust or detail the work zone areas. Company A however details everything in the scope of work and they will tell you clearly their process for detail cleaning once the painting is completed. Maybe that's one reason why his estimate is a few hundred dollars higher. 

Or maybe Companies C and B are going to spot prime where needed. Company A tells you that they are re-priming all areas involved in the job. Could this be another reason why Company A is more expensive? Certainly! Another example: On the exterior trim Company A is going to remove all the paint failure down to bare wood using grinders. Companies B and C both plan to scrape what is loose and spot prime. You begin to uncover why the prices of companies B and C are cheaper than Company A. 

So, when the question is asked, "what will it cost to paint my house?", you must remember that "PRICE" and "COST" are very different things. .A low price does NOT ensure a low cost. If you follow even a few basic steps and ask a few simple questions, it will lead you to a much more pleasant painting experience. Plus, you will simultaneously be protecting your family by going through the proper process.

Remember: in hiring a house painter, as in everything else, you get what you pay for!

5 Secrets of a Quality Paint Job: A guide to evaluating painting quotes.

by Paint Masters on 08/07/14

Not all painting contractor pricing is created equal. Some contractors promote specials, cut-rate deals, discounts, and even offer "we will beat any price" coupons. There are several reasons why companies can offer these supposedly low-cut rates and use them to get you to sign on dotted the line. The problem is that a low price, often means that you are losing out on quality. 

There is a difference between "price" and "cost", and getting real value out of your contractor isn't always as easy as price comparison. Paint Masters Company believes that there are 5 essential components that must be present with your painting contractor to insure that you, the homeowner, gets an exceptional paint job. 

#1 - Experience 
How much experience does your painter have? How were they trained? It is part of what you should be buying in a paint job. If the price is low, could it be that it's because they are cutting corners that shouldn't be cut? 

I have been in the painting business, working in the field, for 31 years. I started Paint Masters Company in 1996, and have spent the time to learn the extensive process that is required to produce an excellent paint job. Creating painting work that will last for years to come is a product of great training and years of experience. I was taught, while working for my father's painting company, not to cut corners to save on the price, and to do the job right the first time. The practice of doing quality work creates better value for our customers. In this way, we think you'd agree that experience matters! 

#2 - Knowledge
Knowledge is power! And, knowledge is also crucial to obtaining an extraordinary paint job. We're talking about knowledge in how and why to correct situations that we may encounter. Good painting contractors need to have product knowledge to insure that we are giving enough drying time between coats, or to know the answers to questions like: can we use latex paint over oil based paint? What is the proper way to prep for dry rot or termite damage? Can I use exterior paint inside my house? 

Paint Masters has a vast knowledge of paint products and painting procedures, which separates us from the average paint company. 

#3 - Dedication 
Having a sense of dedication from your painting contractor comes down to seeing a high level of commitment from your contractor, day-in and day-out. If you're not seeing it, then you have some idea why they sell you on a "super-low price". 

We are committed to maintaining our excellent reputation, and providing San Diego home owners with superior work. We enjoy the challenge that each job brings and dedicate ourselves to give our best and continue our education in our field. We put forth every effort to assure our clients experience is pleasant and every expectation is satisfied.  

Wouldn't you agree that there's real VALUE in this? 

#4 - Products / Materials 
Using superior products insures our clients a quality job with more longevity of the paint job and a greater savings in the future. 

 Paint Masters Company uses the finest quality paint manufactures in the business. We proudly use the top of the line coatings from the following manufactures; Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Frazee Paint Companies. We know that your home will have the best possible protection from the southern California exposure and we feel great about providing that for our customers. 

 #5 -  Guarantee
Sure, no one wants empty promises, but it's important that your painter be ready to stand behind their performance. A quality guarantee can be a sign that you found the right company for the job. 

We can confidently say that you will be pleased with: our warm and friendly demeanor, the quality of our work, our commitment to excellence, our dedication and attention to the smallest of details, and our earnest desire to please each of our clients. We KNOW you will be happy with our service and we guarantee it.

Brand New Blog on Pro House Painting!

by Paint Masters on 07/18/14

With decades of experience in painting homes inside and out, Paint Masters is glad to share some tips, information, and all sorts of updates with our customers.  This is the first blog we've ever had.  Hopefully, we'll be able to bring interesting content for you to learn from, or at least you'll get to know our company a little better.  

Rob and the rest of the folks over here at Paint Masters hope you enjoy what you read, and check back with us. You can do that VERY easily by following us on Facebook or Twitter, where we'll tend to announce new posts to our blog, and throw in updates, pics, and other fun stuff.

We're a quality company, and we are glad you found us. Paint Masters has House Painting expertise that all of San Diego is sure to love, and if you call on us, you'll be pleased with what you get.....we guarantee it!  

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for our first big article!  

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